Sunday, December 14, 2008

she enters down stage left ...

freedom is not what you do but how you do it: 35 years old, two daughters born from my womb, five years teaching college students, and five years into my career as a public playwright with a jones for the absurd, ironic, and brazen, i have learned that responsibilities do not necessarily equal prison bars or thought police. i've more freedom for the choices. and time works with the passions of my heart 'cause the heart propels the way i experience the shifting hands of the clock. shape shifter and river walker, i am happiest inside the most liberating boots ... kick ass or kick rocks. i love me freely ...

note: after 7 months on a blog break, i have returned. prodigal? nah ... just balancing ... not to mention i've gotten back to some version of a private self for sanity's sake. trouble comes when one writes so close to heart strings that crafting of words in open spaces means revealing the less than perfect walk in ways that could possibly make me blush ... i am no longer emotionally removed from the beautiful mess, and there are more lives at stake ... lover/homie/friend. and yet, i've got to be here. not sure why. not even sure that anyone checks in. but i am back.

check-list or current interests (a prelude to our soon come kiss):

1. home (the real and imagined)
2. political fire-storms and inconsistency
3. the making of a mythological presidency and the actual bodies at stake
4. art making/revolutionary choices and how to get all that distributed widely
5. manifestos ... practicing the theory and walking the talk/words
6. sex
7. random musings, prophetic dreams, jazz riffs in print