Saturday, February 23, 2008

right in time

it's funny how time can circle back and show you the truth when you are ready to witness it. patience, solitude and reflection can get you there. i aint preaching. i am simply sharing what i've learned on this journey ... at least so far as my feet have carried me on it to date. there have been loves i've thought were lost to the frailty of human emotion only to realize that those who are meant to be in my life will be there ... in that moment when it matters, and nothing can change the strength of the initial connection ... that first love moment in time when you meet the stranger and find familiarity, home, and unconditional, time transcending recognition that somehow the two souls meeting will always be one. and separation over distances of land, water, and the linearity of the clock don't really matter.

and there are those other meetings with strangers, who though meaningful, are not supposed to last a life time. there is still a oneness, because circumstance will remind you ... you've seen that veil before, you've danced that dance, you've come to that lesson on some other leg of your journey. and in that circumstantial moment, if you are still and listen to the truth of your heart, you will know ... when and how to let go ... and if you're lucky, the pain will be less and the parting will energize you, because you will find yourself that much closer to where you are destined to be.

i have faith. i have not lost love. i am only more comfortable inside god's hands, trusting i will be delivered just in time.


Cynthia said...

ASe!! You wrote this for me or we were on the same page on this day.
If it's not him then it only means I am getting closer.. So I am patient. I will remain still and listen as I learn my lessons.

nina angela mercer said...

him ... funny how him change.

love's eternal, mama.

i write of romance, agape, all that.

but back to him ... figure we'll have tea somewhere under a low hanging tree ... i'll bring the leaves, him bring the paper. we'll cipher ... and then i will know from the conjuration born inside the most symphonic kisses.

u know me ...

always diggin u, mama!