Sunday, January 18, 2009

recent favorites

1. red snapper sashimi at lan in the village
2. elbows on the table
3. mutual admiration for luda's flow
4. a ten minute wait for a perfect parking space
5. st. marks and that shared space between four walls
6. "the girl from ipanema" as an exit
7. new york city bridges and the chorus of lights in the distance

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Ms.Bennie Mae said...

Ms. Mercer!! OMG! My name is Alexia Hogan, and I took your 003 English class at HU in 05! I came upon your blog by accident when I was searching for information on a Palo ritual. I'm at NYU now doing a Masters in Africana Studies. Can we please meet for brunch or something?? Your blog is so refreshing! My email address is