Tuesday, January 5, 2010

other versions of stuck i consider noteworthy

i am hungry - a ravenous beast clamoring, rocking my soul self into an oblivion that i call, "stuck." i want this hunger, this ravenous clamor and soul-rocking in your absence. it reminds me of what i become beneath you ... stuck: the most awesome submission inside my heart.

i've been warned of loving too strong. the evidence: a retreating parade of people i once knew, a memoried crescendo of lonesome wails most kindred to a haunting, a ritual of bags and boxes stacked at the threshhold of an abandoned memoir, my flurry of fingers strumming my woman's heat good-bye,please ... damn. good-bye. a circus of debt playing my ass ... the drum; i dance its rhythm in spite of calloused feet, working for what big business collects in monthly cycles.

i've been warned of loving too strong. but i am hungry for this awesome submission inside my heart. you dictate, i note, every rebellion with the most deliberate kisses. sweet. i consider the meaning of each my name. thank you. i was beginning to unlearn it 'til you spoke the two syllables between our lips' touching ... nina ... it's better inside your mouth.

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