Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Crank & Groove: A GoGo Love Story

DC born, home grown. I didn't leave 'til I was 34 years old and a mother of two rebelliously beautiful daughters.  7 years have passed since I moved, and even though I'm living in NYC now, I keep myself grounded in both my memory of home and its present self, a mix between the nostalgia I call "Chocolate City Jonesin'" and an expansion of the 4 quadrants of the city into what we have grown to accept ... The DMV.  What has remained the same? Mambo Sauce. Rock Creek Park (when the gov'ment ain't shut down). The Big Chair. Florida Avenue Grill. The route of the 70 bus, and Horace & Dickies on that good fried fish dinner. Gimme some.  And, of course, our beloved, funky heart beat ... GOGO music.  On Sept 13th & 14th, at The Atlas Performing Arts Center on H Street N.E., I joined an ensemble cast of griots, The Originalz, and Be'la Dona, DC's number 1 all women GOGO band, for Crank & Groove: A GoGo Love Story,  two nights of get up and get right, crankin' good vibes ... so good the audience was dancing in the aisles and up on stage!  I'm looking forward to what grows from this experience. Take me out to the GoGo for life!

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